The Kings are in town

Handmade full-grain leather shoes 


Proudly South African


History of SIXKINGS

Nell started the brand about 3 years ago when he couldn't find any modern-day vintage leather shoes that appealed to him. At that stage, Donavon was busy designing his own range of old school pattern socks to be manufactured and to be sold globally. We met at a bar one night and over a couple of beers we shared our potential ideas. We became the perfect combination of socks and shoes and the next morning we were partners.

We started off in a factory in Ga-Rankuwa and with the help of local shoemakers we designed and manufactured our first pairs of shoes. However, we soon realized in order for our brand to succeed we would have to be hands on and learn the shoe-making trade from start to finish. This way we managed to ensure that we have freedom of design and are now able to maintain the highest quality possible for our customers. 

When we started off crafting our shoes we had endless talks about the common vision we shared for our brand. One thing was certain, not only were we going to craft a Proudly South African product but also be of top quality that would allow us to compete internationally.

After deciding that we needed to be hands on with our brand; we started making the shoes ourselves. We bought our first stitching machine and we watched endless Youtube videos on all the different stages of the shoe making process from pattern making, grading, lasting the shoes etc. In this stage we learnt a lot about the Industry and the entire process of shoe making which helped us tremendously in understanding the fine detail and skill it takes to make the final product that we are proud of.

We then contacted Josh, who became our first employee. Josh grew up in the industry as his father was a shoemaker who taught him the skills from a young age. This was an exciting chapter for SIXKINGS; We started developing and designing our first range, The Viking, combining our knowledge and Josh's years of experience.

We knew that there were certain requirements for our shoes to compete on an international level such as; the weight, the construction  and the overall durability of the shoes. After weeks of late nights and failed development strategies we finally crafted a one of a kind pair of KINGS. We designed our own unique full leather sole, implementing quality foam where we thought necessary. We decided to fully hand-stitch the shoes from heel to toe (which we are very proud of) and use only top-quality leather and liner; we introduced our unique back-strip to finally complete our shoes.

As our shoes are 100% handmade, the demand was increasing dramatically for ladies sizes and the Viking sized feet. After long hours of development, we're finally proud to announce that we now are a unisex brand and crafting our shoes from size 3 up to size 15. 

We are proud of the growth and development that has taken place with our skilled team and we are excited of what the future holds in our unique spot in the global market.

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