How to treat your Kings

Step 1: Clean
To clean, start by putting on a pair of gloves and prepping your cleaning space by laying down some newspaper. Then, dip a soft sponge into the water to wet slightly and gently move in circular movements cleaning the surface of the shoe.
Once clean, leave your shoes to dry at room temperature and avoid the temptation to use heat – this might speed up the drying process but it will also dry out and damage the leather.
Step 2: Condition
Next, you’ll need to condition your shoes so as to soften and moisturize the leather and help prevent it from cracking. You should apply a conditioner or Hide food (Any type of leather food) to your shoes whenever you feel the leather is getting dry, but this is something of an acquired skill and it’s not always so easy to determine – a general rule is to condition every five to ten wears in hard conditions, and every fifteen to twenty-five otherwise.
 We recommend using Dales Hide Food or Moores Hide Food when conditioning your Kings. These products or similar products can be found at any of your local leather stores.    
Invest in a soft cloth and buff a little of the conditioner into the shoes in small layers using tight, circular motions. Once the entire surface of the shoe is treated, take care to wipe away any excess product.
Step 3: Polish
Apply your polish after you have conditioned your shoes. Applying the hide food will condition (feed) the leather as where polishing will seal the leather. This might seem obvious but better safe than sorry: make sure you match the colour of your polish to the colour of your shoe – or if you're not certain always opt for the neutral colour polishes.
Try to avoid Dubbin when applying polish to your Kings, as Dubbin sometimes tend to dry out and crack the leather of our Kings.
Much like conditioner, shoe polish should be applied in small, gradually layered amounts using a soft sponge or cloth moved in concentric circles with mild pressure.